About Me

Hi :)

I'm Alayna, a mixed media artist located in Canada. In recent years I have been researching more and more into selling my artwork, and it's about time I made a little online website. I have been selling my stuff on Etsy for almost 6 months now, but I've been getting a lot more love when I set up a booth at art markets. I have been participating mainly at RAW Art events, and have fallen completely in love with the experiences and opportunities art markets bring. 

I have always done art, ever since I was a little kid. Now being 21 years old, I feel like I have earned the title of artist, and feel like my art is worth more to other people than I had thought. Just the other day at a RAW Artist event, a few people asked me if they could buy my original paintings. And I had no hesitation in saying no. My art to me is absolutely priceless, yes money comes and go, but I will never be able to fully sell every paint stroke, every memory, every feeling that goes along with each piece. Eventually yes, I would love to sell some original paintings, but I haven't been able to make a piece yet that I would be able to let go. 

Overall, I hope my art resonates with you as much as it does with me, and I enjoy sending out each little package with so so much love! 

Thank you <3